I moved to the Charlotte area four years ago and just couldn’t bring myself to trust any of the Dentists that I had visited. Checkups and Cleanings were the only appointments I would keep until my college days caught up with me.

In college, I broke my two front teeth and received temporary caps or replacements that were glued into place. Although, they did the job of keeping me from having a toothless smile, they were always a little off in color. Then the day came when the cement just couldn’t hold anymore and my temporary smile was gone. Dr. Selden to the RESCUE!

It was just by chance that I met Dr. Selden and the Team and I am glad our paths crossed. I consider myself to be a detailed oriented individual and to use the words from Dr. Selden’s Home page, “To say that Dr. Selden pays attention to detail would be an understatement.” When I walked into the office, I made an immediate call to my wife and informed her that we have found a new Dentist.

During my consult, Dr. Selden explained step by step the procedure and everything involved with replacing my broken smile. Now that the procedure is complete, my smile is broken no more and is always there for the world to see. With the help of Dr. Selden and the Team, my smile shall last a lifetime.

Derwin Cordell