I would like to express my thanks and gratitude to Dr. John Selden and his entire staff at Inspired Dentistry. Dr. Selden has made incredible improvements to my teeth and my smile. His work has not only improved the quality of my smile but also the quality of my life.

Over the past two years, Inspired Dentistry has taken steps to completely improve the look of my teeth. Dr. Selden has repaired a childhood broken tooth to new. This was the first thing that anyone noticed about my smile for all the wrong reasons. Now, it is the first thing noticed as part of my new smile. This was only the first step in the revitalization of my teeth.

Dr. Selden provided veneer enhancements on my front two teeth. It is absolutely amazing that these teeth appear and perform 100% like my original teeth. I can now bite into foods with confidence. Dr. Selden has then gone on to repair and replace aging fillings while whitening my entire smile. The team has completely restored my teeth, my confidence, and my smile. They have given me a renewed confidence in both my personal and professional life.

It is an absolute pleasure to visit the team at Inspired Dentistry from the moment you walk into the door. This is true from the time you meet Karen, the office coordinator, until the time you leave with either a new smile or a critical repair that permits you to return to your daily life. My family has been treated as friends, and not just patients, the entire time we have been seeing the team at Inspired Dentistry.

Thank you to the entire team for taking care of my family and my dental needs and for the friendship we have developed together over the past 9 years. I would highly recommend that anyone wanting to improve the look of their smile and for regular dentistry needs, you look no further than at the folks at Inspired Dentistry.